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Understand changes to brand voice to create a logo to match.

Develop and refine multiple iterations based on client's direction.

Original design created by the founders of the company.

Logo options.png

In order to simplify the logo but align with the product and existing branding, I created four simplistic branding options

Logo options.png

To align with existing brand, the founders of the company and myself decided to move forward with the idea of a wine bottle tilted in a pouring motion.


Example Details:


VinoMeUp ( is a company that produces and sells wine gift tags.

I updated the logo to reflect a more sleek, chick, and mature brand. 


Visually deliver desired messaging to consumer at first touch point.

Identify best way to protect product while highlighting features.

Example Details

Front: The front flap of the packaging design is created to highlight the tag designs in each package. The front flap will fold over the top to include the basic information of the content of the package.

Back: The back of the packaging is created to highlight the ease of use of the product and to avoid any confusion on what the product itself is. I also wanted to include a rectangle cut-out to highlight the lines on the back of each tag that are in place to allow customers to personalize a message. Additionally, the back of the package needs to include legal information and barcode.


Modify sit to reflect brand voice, tone, and persona.

Identify priority messaging or products, and build around them.

Original Website

Original Website

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Redesigned Website

Redesigned Website

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Example Details

I wanted to modify the original site in order to reflect the more upscale and chic brand, and allow for an easier and cleaner user experience. I removed the promotional messaging from the homepage and replaced with a pop-up lightbox for users when they enter the site. Additionally, I narrowed down the color scheme to two main hues (in addition to black and white): FF5C5C, 7C7878.

A big push for the company is to gain wholesale buyers. That said, I created a page specifically for "wholesale" and included it within the navigation bar. I also incorporated messaging to stay authentic to the brand voice.

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